Live Workshops presented by Diane Phillips, co-author of The Job Book: Find Yourself and a Job in 30 Days!

 See Diane in action at Saint Petersburg College Clearwater Florida in the below video.

The workshop and exercises led the attendees on a journey of self-discovery designed to help them identify positive characteristics in themselves and others.

The workshop was an overwhelming success with 100% positive feedback from attendees. As a result, the book materials have been integrated to the college’s careers curriculum.

The Careers Services Support Coordinator’s feedback:

“Even though we have an excellent careers course, which we’ve researched extensively, finding one’s unique abilities, approaches to activities, natural skills, preferences, happiest times, etc., is an ESSENTIAL first step before applying for a lifelong career that holds interest.”

Find Yourself and a Job Live Workshop includes:

  • We will provide master copies of the print materials to the careers department staff for duplication which will be distributed to attendees and used for the workshop exercises.
  • We will include a FREE digital book as well as 25% off the Amazon price of the paperback version for all attendees (requires student email to deliver digital version).
  • We will provide a video teaser that may be used for promotional purposes to attract students / future attendees.

*Program Cost $997 (60 to 90 minutes)

Note: Must cover travel expenses, accommodations, promotional actions to invite attendees and also provide a videographer to film the workshop. If less than two hours from Clearwater, FL accommodations are unnecessary.

*$350 of the workshop cost will be donated to the MAKEADIF non-profit foundation.