Dr. Gerald J. Regni

When Dr. Regni, a world class Natural Dentist for 35 years, Philanthropist, Designer, Developer heard from patient after patient that their children and associates were out of work or couldn’t find a job, he felt responsible for doing something about it.

Dr. Regni worked out a simple to follow, user friendly map that anyone can follow to find a career that fits, where one will follow his or her passion in easy steps.

The book takes the reader through every step needed to determine one’s own unique strengths, attributes and natural approach to life, to the point of being skilled at artfully finding and applying for an optimum lifetime career that fits and that one will keep growing in.

The reader will discover that career options are abundant, not scarce, which will benefit self-esteem and a feeling of confidence to attract a career that excites and inspires throughout life. The reader is led to the best mentors, social media,career finders,effective resumes etc. for a satisfying career result.

Creative Educator, Author, Ms. Diane Phillips

For over forty years Diane Phillips has enriched the lives of all ages by making the often complex subjects easy and fun to learn.

Taught, wrote curriculum from preschool to seniors.

Produced and hosted a radio show for two years in association with Jr. Achievement that revealed secrets of success of top professionals.

Ms. Phillips authored how-to books and cd’s for children of all ages.

She consulted with several Fortune 100 Founders to forward their legacies.

Through, “The Job Book,” Ms. Phillips employed 25 years of successful life coaching  with talented entrepreneurs, leaders and artists by providing opportunities to consolidate abilities , passionate interests with abundant career choices.