We are often fed lies by the media to push some type of agenda. It may be done to make a certain politician, company or product look good or even look bad. Our media doesn’t report the facts anymore, but the agenda of those paying the salaries of the workers.

Often, our economy goes up and down based on what new channels report. This gives the public a false sense of fear or contentment, even when things might be the exact opposite. Have you ever wondered why large corporations seem to care less about customer service today than they once did?

The answer to this question may also explain why we have such a high unemployment rate, even though the media will tell you otherwise. It may also be the answer to why so many people fall for “get rich quick schemes” every single year.

What is the Lie we are Taught about Work?

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise when you learn that the lie we are all taught about work is actually a rationalization and a way to blame something for things we can’t fully control. The lie is simple; we are told the economy is the reason for our unemployment, inability to find work, lower job satisfaction and just about any other issue with employment we can come up with. In reality, when the economy becomes what we blame, it actually causes us to become less satisfied at work and less professional, overall.

Along with this big fat lie, we also tend to be a society believing the rich get richer, while the rest of us just suffer. We blame our bosses and their bosses when we haven’t had a raise in two years, but have turned in great performance. We start to resent the company we work for because the CEO makes millions and we can’t get a small 3% raise.

While this might be justified, it’s not the company’s fault, at least not entirely. Do you have other career options? Have you been sold to the company you work for as a slave?

You are in Control, Not the Economy

Whether it was your teachers, your parents or some other influence in your life that taught you to get a job, shut your mouth, clock in, clock out and that’s just how life goes, they were and still are wrong. While this might be what some do, you actually have the ability to take control and avoid using the economy as the excuse to stay where you are. You don’t have to spend another $100 on false promises of wealth or buy another lottery ticket in hopes of leaving a job you hate.

You are in control and you can get the raise you want by leaving your current job for a career you love. If you are currently unemployed, you don’t have to wait until the final day of your unemployment benefits to take some job you’re going to hate two weeks into the work. Instead, you can start making plans now to find a career you will love and one that will reward you for your hard work.

Become a Professional Again

Before you start thinking about what your next career move might be, it’s important to become a professional again. So many workers have left their professionalism on the side of the road and no longer have the work ethic and drive they once had. It’s not the economy’s fault, but your fault. You choose to be less professional and adopt an attitude of working for only what you’re paid.

It’s time to snap out of the hypnotic state the media and others have put you in. Don’t believe the perpetual lie that you can’t find a job or you have to work somewhere refusing to give you a raise because of the economy. No longer should you settle for a job and be happy you have one just because somebody else doesn’t.

If you’re sick of buying into the lie that the economy is the reason for your misfortune, then you need to take control back. Start looking at what you’re good at, what you enjoy doing and what your dream career would look like. Then, put together a career plan and start taking steps towards a new, more professional you.