Graduating college with a degree isn’t enough to land that perfect job. You need more than a piece of paper stating you learned from books and teachers for two, four, six or even eight years. Even if you go to medical school, you have to go through on-the-job training before you’re ready to work on your own.

Employers want specific things when they hire new workers. While a degree is preferable for many professional positions, it takes more. Here’s a look at some of the top skills and attributes employers want from employees.


Employers want employees that not only show up, but can also be depended on to get the job done on time. Showing up for work on time, dressed for the job and showing a high level of commitment make an employee very desirable.

Team Players

Organizations want you to be able to work with others and work well with them. Nobody will achieve greatness by themselves in an organization. It takes a team and employers seek out those with the ability to work with others well.


Employers don’t want to micro-manage their employees. They want self-motivated employees able to get tasks done on their own without much supervision. When an employee needs constant guidance it often causes more stress for managers than it relieves. Self-motivated employees with the ability to work on their own are highly desirable in today’s job market.


When you get hired by a company, they don’t want you to be satisfied with the entry-level position. Instead, they want you to move up the corporate ladder and become a bigger part of the company. Ambition is one quality most employers expecting for these days.


Companies love people with goals. They set goals for their own company and if you set goals for yourself, they know you understand how to work towards a goal and achieve it. This is one quality you should always mention in a job interview.

Willingness to Learn

If you love to learn, employers will love you. Organizations have to teach you many things, even if you spent an eternity in college. Managers often seek those with a willingness to learn. If you love to read in your free time or you take additional classes for fun, mention this in your job interview.

Rise to the Occasion

Employers also want employs with the ability to rise up when the opportunity presents itself. A great employee will go above and beyond to get the job done even when it’s not easy. They will problem solve and figure out how to finish the task when obstacles get in their way.

Other skills and traits employers look for in employees include:

  • Decision-making skills
  • Planning and organization
  • Data analysis skills
  • Computer software proficiency
  • Ability to write and edit reports
  • Ability to sell
  • Great communications skills
  • Independent thinking
  • Understand their strengths

If you want to land a good job and find success in the professional world, after college, make sure you have the skills for the job.

Employer Expectations from Employees