Understanding how employers find new employees may help in your job search. If you know where companies are looking, you will know where you should be if you want to be found. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common places employers find new employees.

The Statistics

The Career Crossroads Source of Hire Survey tries to shed light on how employers find employees every year. According to the survey, here’s the statistics:

  • Referrals – 28%
  • Job Boards – 20.1%
  • Company Career Site – 9.8%
  • Recruiter Initiated – 6.6%
  • Colleges – 4.3%
  • Social Media – 2.8%
  • 3rd Party Recruiter – 2.2%
  • Print Ad – 2.1%
  • Temp to Hire – 1.9%
  • Walk in – 0.8%
  • Other – 8.8%

The survey also found that it often takes about 10 referrals to generate one new employee and about 100 job board submissions to do the same. It’s certainly worth it to find a way to get referred, as it will only require 10% of the resume submissions compared to job boards. In addition, about 1 out of 100 times you simply walk into a place you want to work, you’ll get hired.

Employers Use LinkedIn More

While the statistics above show social media (LinkedIn falls into this category) as a low percentage for employers finding new employees, it’s a viable source used by many companies. LinkedIn dominates the social media world when it comes to employment. A Jobvite survey done in 2012 showed that 89% of companies have hired someone through LinkedIn. This number is very high and the amount of employers using LinkedIn today to find and hire employees has gone up.

Job Boards Lead the Way

A study done by SilkRoad collected data from OpenHire to help find an answer. They evaluated over 200,000 jobs, more than 9 million applications and nearly 150,000 interviews, which led to over 94,000 new hires. This study found that 37% of new hires came from online sources with search engines and job boards making up the majority.

The most successful sites in producing new hires were Indeed.com, CareerBuilder, Monster and Craigslist. However, when looking at all sources, referrals still led the way when it came to getting a job interview.

A Few Things to Understand About this Data

When you look at this data, you should take a few things away from it, if you’re searching for a career:

  • Social media may be entertaining, but it’s not a great place to expect an employer to find you. The only exception being LinkedIn.
  • Nearly one-third of jobs are given to those referred to the company. If you can get yourself referred, you have a much better shot of landing the job.
  • Job boards still work. While you need to apply more, it’s still a very large resource used by companies to find new employees.
  • Someone may tell you getting a temp job may lead to a full-time job, but this doesn’t happen that often.

When it comes to finding a job, submitting resumes may work. However, if you want to enjoy a career at a company you will love working for, you need to approach your search differently. Figure out the companies you want to work with and become relentless with networking. This may lead to the referral you need when they have the right open position.

How To Find Employees