Finding your purpose in life often leads to a career you love. Even if your job isn’t your purpose, but it helps you fulfill your purpose, your life will be more fulfilling when you understand why you were put here.

Unfortunately, there are no neon arrows pointing you in the direction of your purpose. Most people don’t have an instinct to find their purpose without help and hard work. You may know you want to run your own business, but have no idea what that looks like. This is far more common than the person who knew they wanted to be a police officer at age seven.

If you’re searching for your purpose, you may need a little help. Here are a few tips to help get the arrows pointing in the right direction.

Consider your Childhood

Often, our childhood is the most honest years of our life when it comes to our purpose and passion. If you loved to build and dig when you were a child, you’d probably enjoy that today. Maybe you were one of those kids that always had a book to read. This could be a sign that becoming an author is right for you.
Our childhood can teach us quite a bit about what we naturally gravitate towards. It might show you that you love to teach others or you enjoy helping those around you. Maybe your childhood will show you that you belong in the medical field or you should be in customer service. There are many possibilities, but taking a good hard look at what you loved doing as a child will help you discover your purpose.

How do You Lose Time?

We all have something we love to do so much that time just seems to stop or not matter much when we are doing it. As a child, this probably happened often and your parents had to keep you on track or you’d have done this one thing for hours and hours without stopping. Even as an adult this can happen if you really love doing something.

Maybe you volunteer at an animal shelter and it seems like a few hours on the weekend isn’t enough. Perhaps you’ve gone on historic tours and simply get lost in the stories and wish the tour didn’t have to stop. These could be signs leading you to your purpose. When we lose track of time because we love doing something so much, it could be the purpose we are here to fulfill.

Do you Have a Desire to Change the World?

If you have a growing desire to change the world in one way or another, it could be leading you toward your purpose. Look at what is going on today that your inner child hates about the world. This could be the thing you work towards changing in one way or another.

For example, if you cannot stand the fact that millions go without food, maybe your purpose is to find a way to help feed the hungry. Maybe you hate the idea that the environment isn’t protected in some way or another. Your purpose may be to fight to save the planet in one way or another.

How would your Life Be Different if You Knew Your Death Date?

If you were given a peak into the future and knew you would die in a few years, what would you do now to change your life? Would you stay at your current job and just wait or would you make a huge change to do what you really love? That thing you’d do instead of what you do now, is likely leading you towards your life’s purpose.

When we contemplate the idea of being dead in a year or we are actually diagnosed with cancer or something else falling into the horrible diseases category, it causes us to flip things upside down. It’s no longer about working for money and many material things don’t matter anymore. Instead, it’s about fulfilling dreams and passions, which often coincide with our purpose.

Figuring out what your purpose is may be a process and may take some time. You may think you have it figured out only to find out you were wrong. Even if you haven’t figured it out yet, keep searching as finding your life’s purpose will likely lead you to a fulfilling and wonderful career.


Find Your Purpose