Whether you’ve been to college and found out the career you thought you’d love isn’t for you or you’re just getting started with career training, discovering and defining the right career for you is vital. You don’t want to get stuck in a job or career you dread for decades just for a paycheck. Instead, you want to do work you enjoy.

A fulfilling career matched with the skills and talents we are born with should be the goal of every human being. It shouldn’t be about the money, the fringe benefits or the prestige that comes with a certain job title. The careers best fit for you should all be things you will love doing, at least most of the time.

Finding your dream career doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to get stuck working at a place you hate or doing work you don’t even believe in for the rest of your life. No matter your age or training, switching careers is always a possibility. Here’s a quick look at a few ways you can better discover and define the right careers for you.

What Your Dream Career Isn’t

Before you look at your skills and what you love doing, it’s important to look at a few things that should never be a part of your dream career. Your dream career should never:

  • under whelm you
  • make you feel stressed every single day
  • cause depression
  • make you choose between the job and your family
  • involve work that goes against your personal beliefs
  • something you do just to make others happy
  • pay you less than you’re worth
  • hide your best skills and qualities
  • lead you away from your real passions in life

This list could go on and on. It’s important to understand what a dream career shouldn’t be so that you can better define which careers are best for you. Make sure you don’t just choose careers based on what you are good at. You may be very good at something that you don’t enjoy doing and that doesn’t make it a good career choice.

What Your Dream Career Should Be

When you start searching for a dream career it’s important for this new career to provide certain things. It’s not all about the paycheck or the title you’re given. A dream career should:

  • excite and fulfill you
  • inspire you to be your best
  • pay you well for the energy and time you give
  • lead you closer to the things you’re most passionate about
  • align with your core beliefs and principles
  • allows your best skills to shine
  • challenges you to become a better version of yourself
  • excites you nearly every single day

Again, this list could go on and on, but the basics of a dream career will have you excited to get out of bed and start your day. It may still feel like work, but meaningful work with a purpose you enjoy.

Finding Careers Fit Best for You

While your skills and talents play a large role in finding the right career, there’s more to it than what you’re good at. Sometimes, we become good at something out of necessity and not because we enjoy doing it. Other times, the right career for us isn’t one we currently have the skills to perform.

Looking deeper at your own beliefs, what you stand for, what’s important to you and what drives you will help define the right careers that will fulfill you. A full self-evaluation is necessary to ensure you’re going to be headed down a career path you will love.

Write Your Dream Job Description

If you could describe your dream job, what would the job description look like? Writing out a description of your dream job can help you identify careers specifically fit for you.

Not only will you want to include the things you will be doing, but also the type of people you will be working with; both co-workers and clients. Do you want to work with those less fortunate in life? Are you interested in training the next generation? Is your dream job one that includes working with animals?

Once you’ve taken a good look at what your dream career includes and what it doesn’t include, you’ll have a better idea of which careers fit and which don’t. It’s important to first define your skills, talents, beliefs and principles. Then, you can look into careers aligning with what’s important to you instead of just looking at the paycheck, title and prestige.

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