Author: Dr. Gerald J. Regni

Facing the Fear of Changing Careers

Sometimes, career changes are inevitable. Whether it’s due to downsizing, phasing out of an industry sector or to achieve your own goals, changing careers can be scary. However, it doesn’t have to become so scary you get stuck where you are. There are ways to face your fear of changing careers in a healthy way. Often, people end up happier after they change careers because they realize it was necessary. Besides, humans are made to evolve and a career change idea might just be what you need. Five Ways to Deal with the Fear of a Career Change We...

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What are Employers Looking for in an Employee?

Graduating college with a degree isn’t enough to land that perfect job. You need more than a piece of paper stating you learned from books and teachers for two, four, six or even eight years. Even if you go to medical school, you have to go through on-the-job training before you’re ready to work on your own. Employers want specific things when they hire new workers. While a degree is preferable for many professional positions, it takes more. Here’s a look at some of the top skills and attributes employers want from employees. Dependability Employers want employees that not...

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Setting Achievable Career Goals

Setting career goals is a huge part of achieving success in life. When you want to find a career you will love and enjoy, setting achievable career goals is important. It’s hard to enjoy your career if you don’t have goals to achieve. How to Set a Good Career Goal Before you sit down and start looking at the goals you want to set, you need to consider a few things. Start by deciding what you would like to accomplish with your career. Next, remember to take your larger goals and break them into smaller goals to make them...

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College Grads are not Prepared for the Work Force

Employers have said that college graduates may think they are prepared for the work force, but they’re not. While college students think schooling is getting them prepared for their future job, it may not be. A survey released by PayScale showed that nearly 90% of all college graduates believe they are well prepared for the job they get. However, 60% of companies surveyed stated they believe grads lack critical thinking skills. Another 56% of companies believe they lack attention to detail job skills, while 44% found issues with graduates writing proficiency and 39% found their public speaking ability to...

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The Lie We are Taught About Work

We are often fed lies by the media to push some type of agenda. It may be done to make a certain politician, company or product look good or even look bad. Our media doesn’t report the facts anymore, but the agenda of those paying the salaries of the workers. Often, our economy goes up and down based on what new channels report. This gives the public a false sense of fear or contentment, even when things might be the exact opposite. Have you ever wondered why large corporations seem to care less about customer service today than they...

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