Author: Dr. Gerald J. Regni

Do You Know What Your Purpose is?

Finding your purpose in life often leads to a career you love. Even if your job isn’t your purpose, but it helps you fulfill your purpose, your life will be more fulfilling when you understand why you were put here. Unfortunately, there are no neon arrows pointing you in the direction of your purpose. Most people don’t have an instinct to find their purpose without help and hard work. You may know you want to run your own business, but have no idea what that looks like. This is far more common than the person who knew they wanted...

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10 Top Tips for Nailing the Job Interview

You’ve sent your resume and cover letter, they’ve called you and now you need to be prepared for a job interview. This can be the most frightening part of the process when searching for a new job. Here are ten tips to help you nail the job interview and land your next job. Dress For the Interview The first thing you need to do is dress properly for the interview. A good rule of thumb is to dress at least one step above what you will wear for the job. If you’d wear a polo shirt and dress slacks,...

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5 Top Doubts People Have About Switching Careers

5 Top Doubts People Have About Switching Careers Doubt often keeps us from doing things we should or want to do. When we consider switching careers, doubt can creep in and keep us from making the move. Then, we’re stuck in a job we hate and we become stagnant. As humans, we are meant to grow. Sometimes, this means making a career move. If you’re considering a career change, make sure you’re not letting these five common doubts hold you back. Doubting Your Experience One of the top doubts you may have if you want to change careers has...

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5 Tips for Identifying the Right Career for You

Finding the right career isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes, you may feel like you have to try multiple careers, jobs or majors before you find what you’re meant to do with your life. In order to find the right career for you, it’s important to be honest as you examine your goals, strengths, weaknesses and passions. Here are five tips to help you discover the career that fits best for you. Consider Why You’re Changing Careers If you’ve been out in the working world for a few years and you’re considering changing careers, a good place to start...

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How Employers Find New Employees

Understanding how employers find new employees may help in your job search. If you know where companies are looking, you will know where you should be if you want to be found. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common places employers find new employees. The Statistics The Career Crossroads Source of Hire Survey tries to shed light on how employers find employees every year. According to the survey, here’s the statistics: Referrals – 28% Job Boards – 20.1% Company Career Site – 9.8% Recruiter Initiated – 6.6% Colleges – 4.3% Social Media – 2.8% 3rd Party...

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