Setting successful goals is the foundation of leading you to success in many aspects of life. Whether you’re trying to get healthy or you’re looking to move to a new career, you need the right goals to make it happen.

Some goal setters are better than others and it comes from specific traits used to set these goals. If you want to be a very successful goal setter, you will want to embody the five top traits found below.


Successful goal setters are highly motivated. This usually comes from the reasons why they are chasing the goal they are chasing. If you set goals just to have something to shoot for, but there’s no passion behind it, you will likely fail. Instead, you need to have motivation behind your goals, which means they need to mean something to you.

If your goal is to become a successful business owner, you want to set goals accordingly. However, if you hate the business you’re in, you may never achieve those goals. Make sure you have passion behind your goals to motivate you to achieve each one.

Laser Focused

Successful goal setters become laser focused on the goals they are trying to achieve. Nothing will take them off their path towards success and they don’t have to worry about saying “No” because they simply won’t let anything get in the way of their goals.

When you become so focused on your goals that nothing will interrupt you from achieving them, you will become a successful goal setter. However, if you let the focus move from one thing to another, you will likely find yourself setting more goals you will never achieve.

Have a Deadline

Successful goal setting requires a deadline. You have to know when the goal will be achieved and why it will be achieved by that deadline. If you want to successfully set your goals and achieve them, attach them to time with a deadline.

Very Specific

Goal setters that reach their goals often are very specific about what they want. They don’t set a goal to simply lose weight, but instead they set a goal to lose 25 pounds by a specific date. By making the goal very specific, it becomes easier to set up a path to achieve. It also gives you something to push forward towards and you are less likely to quit before you arrive at your goal.

They Challenge Themselves

There’s no point in calling yourself a successful goal setter if you don’t challenge yourself. If your goals are easy to achieve and don’t push you, then you’re not really setting goals. While your goals have to be achievable, they should also push you to do your best and be your best. You should make your goals challenging enough that you will have to grow during the process.

Becoming a successful goal setter means understanding the traits you must embody. If you want to set goals and achieve them, make sure you start working on the traits found above.


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